Daily Archives: June 27, 2014

Irish Connection

Mal and Sandra with their friends Zinda and Robin Fitzgerald were headed out on a Irish mission to Hornby and back.   Somehow Sue and Sandra conspired to have us all meet in Henry Bay for a drink or two… and dinner.   It turned out to be a beautiful evening, not to mention, being surrounded by the Irish is a workout, on your face’s laugh muscles.  I often wonder if the “Irish humour” is actually a gene and when an Irish child is born their first words are a joke! When the sun shines at this time of year our “backyard” is undoubtably one of our planets most beautiful areas.

Henry Bay

Enjoying the evening on Adesso

Contest 35

The Irish hard at work!

Contest 35

View of Denman Island over Chance.

Simple Safety Upgrade

The path out of the cockpit to the deck on our Passport 47 is narrow and we always found ourselves grabbing the wire life lines for support.  This can be dangerous if you miss and hard on the hands is you are in a rough seaway.   Finally I decided to replace that section of wire with 1 inch stainless tube.  All I did was have a split fitting welded to one end and the other was welded to the first stanchion.  If I need to remove the section it is still possible.  Wow what a difference, easy to grab, secure, and best of all Sue loves it!!

Passport 47 lifeline

Sue holding on tight!